Dedicated Mac-iT support for home and business

Exceptional customer support for all Apple products, network, connected peripherals and 3rd party software.

One-Site & Remote Mac IT Support

Servicing California's West coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles. We setup and maintain Apple computers and connect printers, scanners and other peripherals. Install applications and if needed MS Windows under Bootcamp, Parallels or VMWare Fusion.  

Network & Internet

Installation and maintenance of small business and residential networks with Gigabit speed wired and WiFi networks. For mission critical internet connections we install redundant ISP's for uninterrupted internet access.

Mac Tune-Up

Revive a slow Mac and remote Malware. If needed boost performance with a new Hard Drive, SSD, and more memory to meet the demands of current macOS and demanding applications like Photoshop and Logic Pro etc.

Security & Privacy

Secure your privacy and reputation and encrypt what needs to remain private. Many of our clients are lawyers, accountants or medical professionals who have to protect their client's data.


Rogier Willems

Genius Bar Veteran trained and certified by Apple. IT professional with a sense of humor and speaks human language and is passionate about customer service.